Good morning Abena. Pls I need the help of you n your fans for I don’t know what I am doing in this relationship again. I am dating this guy who has never been eager to sleep with me as some guys will want to do with their girlfriends( which is not a big deal for me) but the other aspect I am so much confused about is, he doesn’t need any help from me even if he needs it, ever since we started dating it was only once he was had up n I sent him money that mpo he was not willing to take but I forcefully sent it.

He is always like sweetheart u need it more than me. He is ok saying romantic comments to other ladies on fbk but not with me. He post other ladies on his stats but not me in the name of he doesn’t want to bring his relationship on fbk, that’s ok by me. If I am in need n I ask him for Money, he will give me tho but I find it difficult to ask. It was only once I was able to ask him for money since we started dating too.

He is working somewhere n I am also working somewhere but not too far from where he is but he doesn’t want me to visit.but anytime I insist on coming he says ok no problem I can come but I have never gone there bcos I don’t want to force but it’s should be by his will. He claims he is currently going through some trouble n when I wanted to help financially he said no I need the money more than him.

If I call him these days at night, he is always on call n claims to be attending to issues at home bcos he is not home. At least I feel if he doesn’t need the money, I should always be the one he can talk to, to at least feel better but it’s not me. Aside all these, he doesn’t want me to go as in break up bcos he claims I am the one he wants to marry bcos I am decent. But I personally feel so useless to him now. I am just there as a girlfriend who cannot or is not of use to my boyfriend so what am I there for??? I am so so confused right now I don’t know what to do. Pls u guys should help me.

By Fada

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