My baby mama is with another man but wants me to pay her rent.

I have a child with this woman. She is with another man but my child is with her.I did everything for her as far as the child is concerned. I pay her rent , feed her, pay the child’s fees etc But she is married to another man now .

I asked her to give me the child but she said the child is not for me since I didn’t pay her bride price .the child is for she and her family but when it comes to the child’s responsibilities she is quick to call me the father but when it comes to custody she tells me that the child is not mine and I can never have the child.

Just yesterday she asked me to pay rent and her reason was that my child is with her so it’s my responsibility to pay rent for the child to have a place to stay .I was the one paying her rent but now she’s with another man.Am confused,am I supposed to keep paying the rent because the child is with her or that’s the responsibility of her husband?


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