My brother’s to-be wife wants chop money even tho she doesn’t help with anything.

Good morning everyone …Auntie there’s this thing worrying me …it’s about my brothers girlfriend …they have dated 3 yrs which they planning on settling down but there’s something bothering me I want your funs to help me …my brothers girlfriend is asking my brother to give her monthly pay as in chop money every month…they haven’t got married yet so I’m asking is it right for a lady to put much pressure on a guy who hasn’t married her yet to pay her monthly as her chop money …

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Note : this lady doesn’t help my brother for the past 11 months now …she doesn’t visit him than to talk of washing , cooking or something …she doesn’t do anything for my brother ..always busy with work work work … which I find to be unfair n think the lady is using my brother for her gain …I need an advice for my brother or I’m over reacting .. will be reading comments …


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