Ghanaian men talk about their worst heartbreak experiences

Just when you thought you’ve had the worst heartbreak experience, some Ghanaian men have taken to Twitter to share their heartbreak experiences and the revelations are jaw-dropping.

Men are mostly considered the wreckers of relationship but lately, most women are changing the narrative now. One word of advice though, don’t think it can never happen to you because you don’t know when things will change; people change a lot and every human has a price.


In a series of quoted tweets reply to reveal the coldest way they found out their relationship was over, this is what some Ghanaian men had to say;

Adonis Jnr

Linked up with my boys but Ray said he was sick so we should take the day without him. Boys drop, we needed an extra controller. Had to pull up to Ray to get one. My woman was sucking his dick when I walked in. My dedication to the gym comes from this.


Shawty after 5yrs told me it will be best if we friends for sometime cos she was soo into the relationship she wanted some space. Funny that was soon as her ex nigga dropped from overseas and then I started seeing pics of them riding in town. my heart still cold till now.

Amass Felix

This girl asked me if I was cheating on her, she told me she won’t do me anything if I say the truth. And I foolishly said yes. I was a Fashion designer back in Gh and this girl will tell me to sew some African wear for her mate. Send me a picture of him a girl yi se no menfa.

Me size 3ny3. No yawa na ado am sharp. Fast forward I didn’t know I was sewing for my rival. This girl told me her parents wanted to give her hand in marriage Nbs crying. So I didn’t talk to her after sometime then I traveled to the UK then this same girl called me to ask if I loved her.

Real Takeaway

I asked her out and she told me No cos she’d go and visit her sick aunt at Ridge hospital… I said okay… So I told myself nothing can stop me from chilling. Fast forward my friends and I went to Hotel Marjorie Y and we found her in the pool with wanna own paddy oo herhh.

I only gave her a smiley face and left the place chale.. So me deɛ I don remove my hands concerning anything about women sha.


Ayrling Divine

I wanted to break up with this girl but my friends kept advising me cos if I do, she gon do something out of hand. I stayed cool cos I thought I was in love. Around 6 am, I called to check up on the love of my life. And she was like”Div I found a new guy so I want us to break up.”

Swerve paaa nie? I stayed cool. She called two weeks later narrating how the Romeo of her life cheated on her.

Ing Cobby Jr

She asked for money to settle the loan debt she took to sponsor her ex-boyfriend in his job search abroad and the mortgage they had for the house. I couldn’t at that moment. She asked me to allow her space to solve the problem, the next time I called she was like who is this?

Ayigbe Farmer

I travelled to Nigeria, told her I’d be coming on Saturday. I arrived Friday evening to surprise her. Decided to pass by my “Best friend’s” place so we go see her together. Girl dey give sweet horsy to my G. I time travelled back to Lagos.

Don Ro

Came back from school during the Christmas period, heard rumours about her having another guy in the hood. Kept mute. Went to her place one time around 3am, she was no in the room so decided to play with her phone… went through it only for me to find images of her with the guy they have been talking about romancing… got angry and used one of the images as her wallpaper then left. Nooo ITs Over

I Directions

Babes said she was on a business trip with her mum and couldn’t answer calls. Las las saa her at a pool with her HR from work. This same place was where I was shooting a video. I called her and waved my last goodbyes. Till date shit hurts bad.

Nhyiraba Debra

Since we’re all sharing let me brief mine up.L300 and she was in L200, everything was good until suddenly whenever I asked to see her, she would say she’s busy.On her bday I cooked for her and bought her gifts but she was doing it with a friend of mine. My second heart break.


Kwesi Appiah

Appiah Kwesi Anokye Dennis Jnr, professionally known as Kwesi Appiah is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger and writer.

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