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Alleged: Asamoah Gyan and Baffuor Gyan Attack Tennis Opponent

The Gyan brothers- Asamoah Gyan and his senior brother Baffuor Gyan have been accused of assaulting an opponent during a tennis match.

The incident is said to have occurred at the 37 Army Officer’s Mess tennis court last night.

According to Godwin Martey, the CEO of Websoft Solutions, who happened to be the victim, the singles game which was set up by a friend took a harsh turn when Godwin saw that all disputable points that should go in his favour were given to Asamoah Gyan by his brother Baffour Gyan who went about as the umpire of the game.

“Most of these controversial points that were in my favour, Baffour Gyan was giving the point to Asamoah Gyan. At a point, I became a bit uncomfortable with it. So there was a particular point that to me was obvious that the ball was good, and Baffour Gyan insisted that it the point was for Asamoah Gyan.”


He disclosed that despite the fact that the onlookers agreed with him, he got no support from them on account of who Asamoah Gyan was.

In the wake of watching this for quite a while, Mr Martey said he wasn’t excited and as such requested a legitimate competition to be arranged with a match commissioner and an unbiased umpire to guarantee fairness to the two players.

After making the offer, he indicated that Baffour Gyan shouted at him in “a very aggressive tone” saying: “My friend shut up and stand there and play.”

Feeling intimidated by the angry rants, he quit the game and sat down on the sidelines.

Per his account on the incident, Baffour Gyan continued to shout angrily at him. He claimed Baffour Gyan moved towards him, slapped him continuously and insisted he gets back in the game.

“Then he came down and came to hit me that ‘my friend go there, I say go and play’. He was hitting me to go and play,” he added.

“As he was hitting me, Asamoah Gyan came in support of what Baffour was doing – assaulting me,” all of which Godwin remained adamant to not playing anymore.

Mr Martey said that even after he griped to Asamoah Gyan that he was being attacked by Baffour, Asamoah Gyan answered by saying: “Yes, you deserve it.”

Godwin, who has an audio recording of the entire incident, plans to sue the Gyan brothers and the case since been reported to the Cantonment Police Station.

“I’m suing big time. I’m going to sue…The fact that Baffour threw a challenge to me that I can go to any court, any police station, they can’t do anything, that actually gave me more adrenaline to prove to them that the police force is still a good force.

“I will sue tortuous liability on civil case and I will press for the police to also prosecute them criminally. I will fight this to my last blood.”

Kwesi Appiah

Appiah Kwesi Anokye Dennis Jnr, professionally known as Kwesi Appiah is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger and writer.

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